Oct 15

Actividad de Halloween

Actividad de Halloween 

Una divertida actividad para realizar con los niños.

Visita la Pastelería Jengibre para material, recetas y cursos.



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May 04



Esta divertida actividad les permite a tus alumnos el desarrollo de varios campos formativos como el Desarrollo personal y social, Lenguaje y Comunicación, Exploración y conocimiento del mundo a través de su participación activa.

Ya que nuestro interés es que los alumnos adquieran confianza en ellos mismos, podemos pedirles que enseñen a sus compañeros una sencilla actividad a manera de exposición.

Aquí algunas ideas:

–         Un juego mental

–         Una actividad manual como Origami

–         Palabras en un idioma diferente al suyo

–         Las reglas de un deporte

–         Un experimento de ciencias

–         Un hecho científico

–         Una explicación sobre como trabaja algo

Puedes pedir la ayuda de los papás en casa. Un buen principio es conocer los intereses particulares de cada alumno y solicitar a los papás que observen como desarrolla su trabajo, que ensaye delante de ellos y que los animen mostrando interés, así como sugerirle como mejorar su actividad si se requiere.

Just For Teachers 


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Apr 23

Texture Boards

Texture boards

I created these sensory boards out of dollar store cutting boards and common objects from the craft cupboard and around the house. There is sand paper – kitchen scrubbies – car wash mits – placemats – terrycloth towelling – fun fur etc. The edging is made from colourful shoelaces and each item is glued down with tacky glue – I find it stronger than hot glue – it just had to dry for a couple of days before use.  The children really seem to enjoy them!

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Apr 23

Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating Birthdays

I got this idea a few years back from a Reggio Emilia School. At the beginning of the year each child decorates a crown and I put them on the wall in birthday order. (September through August.)
When we celebrate a child’s birthday, we remove the crown from the wall for him/her to wear. The crowns go home with the birthday children. This way we can see who has had  a birthday and who is still waiting. (They love to figure out who’s having the next birthday!)

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Apr 23

How to Create an Ink Monster

How to Create an Ink Monster

Have you heard of the Daily Monster?  Artist Stefan Bucher began a creative challenge in which he created a monster with ink and markers each day for 100 days.  He still creates monsters long after the challenge and you can view mini video clips of him making his monsters at dailymonster.com website.
We were very inspired to create Monsters like Stefan after viewing the many monsters and video clips.  Be sure to check out his website here.

To Create a Monster You’ll Need:
India Ink
Watered Down Black Paint
Black Liquid Watercolor
white paper
To begin, make sure to cover your workspace with newspaper.  On white paper put some india ink or watered Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 23

Painting with pineapple Leaves

Painting with Pineapple Leaves

Time for play 

Did you know that you can paint with pineapple leaves?  I actually have never thought about it, but my kiddos sure did.  While cutting up our pineapple, my daughter pulled each and every leaf out of the top of it.  Then asked for some paint.  Why not?  We got out the paint (yellow and green for pineapple colors, of course) and some paper.  That’s all it took to set these little artists up!  It is always fun to paint with unexpected materials.  Keeps the creativity fresh and challenges those developing minds to think outside of the box.  Pineapple leaves will no longer be seen the same in this house!

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Apr 23

Forever Friends: Four seasons Play with tp roll trees

Forever Friends: Four seasons Play with tp roll trees

Creativity My Passion www.craftoart.com

We love the book – It’s a story of a beautiful blue bird and a playful brown bunny. One pleasant spring morning, the bird makes her friendship call by a song “come play” and the bunny starts to play with the bird. They become friends and play through the spring, summer, and fall. In Winter the bird gets ready for migration and leaves the bunny assuring that they will meet again in spring. All winter long the bunny and the bird miss each other and they reunite in Spring. They become Forever Friends.

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Apr 23

These Shoes Were Made for Painting

These Shoes Were Made for Painting

Brick by Brick

We like to paint with all kinds of things. This week I put out some small shoes for painting. (A trip to a thrift store or bargain store can yield shoes for the task.)The kids immediately began making prints.

I admired the kids’ different techniques.

One boy repeatedly used the flip-flop shoe. He seemed to like the wavy pattern.

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Apr 23

Rubber Cement


Rubber cement is a traditionally used as a paper glue however, it is a really versatile product.  One of my favorite way to play with this fun medium is to create a simple resist.  The process is really easy, and the paintings always turns out cute.

Start by dribbling rubber cement straight out of the bottle all over your thick paper.  We used poster board.  The kids found that moving their hands in a wiggly, back and forth motion worked best.

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Jan 04


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